Meet the Team

  • Louise Augarde

    Senior Educator, Life Education

    Louise is the Senior Educator for Life Education, which runs drug and health education programmes for Primary and Special Schools in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. This is delivered by using a purpose-built mobile classroom which is sited at the schools during their visits.

  • Steph Hoskin

    PSHE Lead Adviser

    Steph is Lead Adviser for the PSHE Service along with Cathy Murphy. She leads the development of the Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme. She also leads on financial capability, healthy lifestyles and body image.

  • Cathy Murphy

    PSHE Lead Adviser

    Cathy is Lead Adviser for the PSHE Service along with Steph Hoskin. Cathy leads on Relationships and Sex Education and Drugs Education.

  • Helen Scrivner

    PSHE Adviser

    Helen is an adviser, leading on Anti-bullying and Personal Safety. She previously worked in the Education Safeguarding Team.